9 Holiday Product Page Tips with Examples to Increase Conversions

Oct 26, 2022

Published by: Maddie Friedland
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When you own an e-commerce store, the holiday season can make or break your yearly return. The season leads to an influx of  people looking to buy new products in a short span of a couple of months. That said, carrying on with business as usual likely won't be enough to capitalize on this opportunity.

According to Adobe Analytics, consumers will spend $209.7 billion this holiday season. If you want a chunk of that cash, your site needs to be optimized for new customers unfamiliar with your store. If you're concerned that time is running out, don't fret. Focusing on your product pages with these quick fixes will make a meaningful impact on your visitor's experience and increase your conversion rate.

Here are nine great examples of product pages from Lucky Orange customers, with elements you should utilize to optimize for holiday traffic. 

1. Put customers at ease with clear shipping details.

clear shipping details ecommerce page

Photo from Madaluxe Time 

Is there anything worse than ordering a present online for someone, just for it to show up after the occasion you needed it for?

 In a survey by PwC, consumers named "fast/reliable delivery" as the most important feature of online shipping. This desire only increases during the holidays, when there is a clear date customers need their items by. 

To compete with industry leaders like Amazon, known for their reliable shipping, e-commerce stores need to make their shipping information as easy to find as possible. Factor in new visitors unfamiliar with your site, and it becomes clear including shipping info on your product page is a must.

Product pages have limited real estate, so adding a pull-down organizer like this example shows is a great way to include your shipping information while not overwhelming your visitor with an overload of text on their screens.

Providing your customers with different shipping options early in their transactions will make them feel more comfortable by not blindsiding them with limited availability or fees on the checkout page. It will also make it easier for them to understand that they can pay to have their package sooner if they cut it close to the holidays. 

2. Help your customers feel confident in their purchases by letting them drop a hint.

drop a hint ecommerce tactic

Photo from Angelic Diamonds 

Imagine if you could take the guesswork out of holiday shopping… 

You wouldn't have to face any looks of disappointment or make a sad trip to the post office to make a bunch of returns. Lucky Orange customer Angelic Diamonds helps solve this problem for consumers by including a "drop a hint" icon for visitors to tell a gift giver that this product is something they want without actually having to spell it out for them. 

This feature is well suited for a luxury business like theirs, where a higher-end price point can create more hesitation from the buyer. If they are 100% confident that the person they are buying a gift for really wants it, they will be significantly more likely to complete the transaction. 

Shopify app Drop a Hint 2.0 creates the icon and pop-up for you. It allows you to "drop a hint" through email, SMS, and Whatsapp.

3. Provide reassurance with a comprehensive return policy.

clear return policy product page

Photo from Splay Shoes

Consumers are going to get it wrong sometimes. Even if they feel good about what they're gifting, they will still seek reassurance that they will have options if the gift isn't quite right. This is where returns come in. 

Offering a return policy is important for two reasons.

1. Online shoppers, by nature, are skeptical. 

If someone has never ordered something from your website before, they must believe what they buy is what they'll actually receive. In our first product page blog post, we note the importance of reviews for this very reason, but another way to build up that trust is to make it clear that if they aren't satisfied, they can get their money back. Consumers are more likely to believe a website is legitimate if it seems like the infrastructure exists to make a return and that the seller is confident enough in their product to offer reimbursement. 

 2. Gift-giving is tricky.

If a return policy is evident on a product page, it eliminates the risk of holiday shopping. In this example, everyone who visits this product page will see "Free returns & Exchanges for US customers" before they even click the call to action. Holiday shoppers will see that message and feel better about purchasing, knowing they will be covered if the receiver doesn't like it or got the size wrong.  

4. Convert holiday traffic into long-term customers by offering discounts for subscribing.

subscription discount D2C coffee

Photo from Lifeboost Coffee

Holiday shopping alone isn't enough to support most e-commerce businesses year-round. Capitalize on your expanded holiday audience by turning those new eyes into repeat customers. Life Boost coffee does that in this example, and you can, too, by creating special offers for customers who buy a subscription or repeat purchases. 

Who wouldn't want to save 17% just for buying more of something they want? Subscriptions are a great way to create repeat customers instantly. This works best for something like coffee that people buy consistently and can easily justify a recurring purchase.

5. Build peace of mind with detailed fit and measurement instructions.

swimco online fit and measurement standards

Photo from Swimco

Let's be real, one of the worst parts about buying clothes from a new place is taking the chance that they might not fit. With online shopping, the stakes are higher because there's no opportunity to try it on ahead of time. Detailed fit charts and measurement guides are essential any time of year, especially during the holiday season when you'll have even more visitors unfamiliar with your brand. 

Swimco provides comfort to first-time customers by including exact fit and measurement instructions on their product landing pages, so visitors know that whatever piece they buy will fit.

6. Get more for less with bundling.

bundling ecommerce strategy

Photo from Carfume

Who doesn't love a good discount? 

Creating special offers for buying more than one item together can be an effective way to cross-sell to your website visitors and increase your conversion rate. 

Carfume reduces the cost of the items if purchased in a bundle, ensuring that customers buy at least three products at once. They let customers customize the scents and things they can bundle, giving them a choice to only purchase a scent that they like. 

During the holidays, customers need to buy a bunch of gifts and are looking to save money. 

Giving them the ability to bundle products to save will provide you with a higher conversion rate and make them happier customers. 

7. Reduce holiday stress by offering gift wrap.

gift wrap offer

Photo from Furla

Holidays can be a stressful time for consumers. They have a million presents to buy, food to cook, family to host and on top of everything else, they also have to wrap every single gift they purchased. Delight your customers by offering to gift wrap their purchases so they can cross one more thing off their list.

Normally you'd expect to see the gift icon on a checkout page, but Furla includes gift-wrapping options on their product pages to give website visitors the extra nudge to convert. They recognize the value gift wrapping provides to their customers and decided to include the message somewhere that every visitor will see, along with a picture of what the wrapping looks like. 

To add this option to your online store, you can use an app like Wrapin to display your gift wrap options and allow customers to personalize their purchases with a note. With this app, you can display the gift-wrapping information on your product and checkout pages to give website visitors the push they need to complete their transactions.

8. Harness the power of social proof by mentioning the number of customers who have bought the same product.

highlighting number of customers who've bought a product

Photo from The Magic Box

Social proof refers to the idea that people look to those around them to determine how they should act. This applies to commerce, where customers are more likely to purchase if they believe other people are doing the same thing. 

In e-commerce, where customers can't rely on physical signs to pick up on other people's behavior, consumers look for other signals that others have used and enjoyed the products they are considering. This is even more pressing during the holidays when you might have website visitors who are unfamiliar with your products and need extra reassurance. 

An easy but effective way to add social proof to your website is to mention the number of people who use your product on your product pages. 

The Magic Box mentions that over 20,000 people use their product right above their call to action. This alerts website visitors that many people have used their products, and so should they. 

If you were on the fence about making a purchase but saw that over 20,000 people have recently bought the same thing, it would make you feel like there's less risk in clicking "buy now."

9. Create a free shipping minimum to increase conversions.

free shipping minimum cart amount

Photo from James Oro 

Have you ever been online shopping for a specific item, added it to your cart, and saw that if you spent 20 more dollars, you could get free shipping? I bet you at least considered buying another item just to hit that minimum. 

With the holidays right around the corner, shoppers want the most value possible. If you're already spending 135$ on a pair of sunglasses, would you rather pay for shipping out of pocket or use that money you were going to spend and buy another pair of sunglasses? 

By offering free shipping on orders over $200, Jame's Oro hopes buyers will purchase another item to meet that minimum. 

Of course, every store is different, and the shipping cost will vary depending on various factors. That said, if you sell higher-priced items and want to cross-sell, creating a free shipping incentive can effectively increase conversions. 

Encountering a spike in traffic during the holidays will only increase conversions on your website if you're prepared.

Turn those new eyes into paying customers by optimizing one of the most important parts of your site, product pages. Even if you only have time to make one of the suggested changes, investing time into website optimization can significantly impact your bottom line.

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