What's the role of landing pages? Landing Pages Explained

Jan 19, 2023

Published by: Lucky Orange
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A website's success depends on driving the right people to the right pages at the right time. A great solution for this is a new landing page.

A dedicated landing page can be the key to increasing conversion rates, and it can make or break your online business. So what exactly are landing pages, and how can you use them to boost your bottom line? Read on to find out.

The role of a high-converting landing page

Landing pages are designed to be the first page a visitor sees when they come to your website from a marketing campaign, social media posts or another promotional channel. They are typically used to capture leads or introduce your products or services. A landing page should aim to convert visitors or direct users to a very specific part of the user journey.

Defining a landing page and its purpose

A landing page is a specialized type of web page created to help businesses target users and guests. It helps establish brand awareness with customers, as well as provide information about your product or service. With own landing page tailored for business needs, one can increase their online presence and create more traffic.

A few things to keep in mind

Landing page content may introduce prospective customers to your brand, offer a specific value proposition or provide contact info. No matter your focus, these pages should be developed with a few things in mind.

  • Are you trying to rank your landing page highly with search engines? If the content repeats from other pages on your site, consider blocking it from indexing.

  • If your target audience is expecting to dive deep into a topic, provide them links to your blog or other resources.

  • If your marketing efforts are aimed at driving free account signups, make the amount of information you request minimal. If you can get away with just asking for an email address, that's best.

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To make a good landing page it's beneficial to find an appropriate landing page builder that allows you to customize your own design while keeping the message consistent across different pages. Good landing pages will draw the viewer in, and give them the necessary information they need, thus helping to convert web visitors into customers.

How effective landing pages can lead to more conversions

Landing pages play a vital role for businesses that want to increase conversions. Landing page visitors should find the landing page templates clean and straightforward, encouraging them to leave personal information or fill out an online form on that specific page.

Landing page visual design

To make the most of landing pages and get more conversions, web pages need to be designed with landing page best practices in mind. This can include enticing visuals, no irrelevant content, mobile-friendly layouts, CTA buttons that are hard to miss, and relatively short copy. A great landing page should be able to succinctly and effectively convey the goal of the website while being easy to read, understand, and navigate on any device.

By following landing page best practices and deploying optimized landing pages, businesses can achieve greater success in their conversion goals.

The elements of a successful landing page

Creating a successful landing page is essential for businesses to maximize their online marketing strategies. There are basic landing pages that offer core information as well as more dynamic and complex ones. A landing page builder makes it easier for someone without coding knowledge to create a basic page.

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Good copy will be high-impact

When designing a page, adding compelling and concise copy is vital to their success in making potential customers take action. Dedicated landing pages should be an integral part of most marketing campaigns, as they can lead to increased conversions when guiding visitors through the sales funnel.

If done right, having multiple landing pages can enhance the strategy, reaching more customers with different approaches. Understanding how to craft and design effective landing pages is an invaluable skill in modern business.

Landing pages aren't blog posts

Don't treat your landing page like a blog post (unless it's intended for native advertising). Landing page copy should align with a marketing campaign but really focus on primary or secondary messaging, as opposed to all small print details on a single page.

Tips for creating your landing page

When it comes to landing pages, mastering effective landing page optimization is key to achieving a successful marketing strategy. Having optimized landing content can help convert website visitors into potential customers by informing and guiding them in the right direction.

But how do you create your own landing page?

Should you leverage landing page templates? How should you account for your marketing strategy?

  • It's important to focus on keywords that drive traffic and capture attention.

  • Add visuals like photos and videos, as well as provide engaging descriptions of the products or services offered - this will help landing pages convert viewers into leads.

  • Implement CTAs (calls-to-action) throughout the landing page design to prompt viewers toward making their desired decision.

  • Unless you're a professional developer, use a landing page builder

  • Ensure you've placed Lucky Orange and Google Analytics code on your landing page. Google Analytics provides a great level of quantitative data when combined with Lucky Orange CRO tools.

If done correctly, creating a great landing page can increase conversions for businesses. If landing pages work, your business with grow.


In conclusion, dedicated landing pages are essential for a successful business. From defining these pages and accessing their purpose to understanding the elements of a successful page and utilizing tips to create your own, businesses can benefit from building more engaging landing pages. Taking the time to refine a well-crafted landing page that accurately reflects one’s company’s values with its messaging is the key to boosting conversions.

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