4 Ways to Use the Lucky Orange HubSpot Integration for Website Optimization

Jan 25, 2023

Published by: Katherine Boyarsky
Lucky Orange HubSpot Integration

For HubSpot teams, customer behavioral data has completely changed the game. Is a “hot” prospect on your pricing page? It’s probably a good time to ask if they have any questions. Has a customer read your past five email newsletters end-to-end? See if they’re ready to upgrade their account. 

Using tools like Lucky Orange and HubSpot, with Dynamic Heatmaps and Session Recordings, users can see how website visitors navigate their site. And, with a better understanding of the relationships between marketing, sales, and product interactions, companies have a much clearer picture of where they can improve the customer journey.  

The Lucky Orange and HubSpot integration gives teams more context on customer behavior than ever before.

These days, it can be hard to know where to go to get the most actionable data the fastest. The Lucky Orange HubSpot integration is a huge timesaver because users can access all of their Session Recordings, Events, and Chat Logs right in the HubSpot CRM in their contact’s profile. 

How does this help companies grow? 

Having detailed website behavior data within the contact profile makes sales and customer support conversations more targeted and useful, helps identify new segments and opportunities for marketing campaigns, and can guide better product development and e-commerce strategy. 

Let’s explore four ways to use the Lucky Orange integration with HubSpot to find new website optimization opportunities in marketing, sales, support and product development.

Four ways to use Lucky Orange with the HubSpot CRM to improve conversions and find new optimization opportunities:

1. Sales reps and support teams can guide more personal conversations and close more deals with a complete view of the prospect journey.

Lucky Orange Session Recordings automatically pass through to contact’s timelines in the HubSpot CRM, giving sales reps more context for outreach calls and follow-ups. Sales teams can identify areas of concern and opportunity by reviewing how a contact navigated their website before a call. 

Here’s an example — maybe a user was stuck on the pricing page for a while, and you can address available discounts. Or, perhaps a contact sent your integration presentation to their manager after viewing the page several times — use that as a chance to review your partnerships and API capabilities. 

Combining website visitor data with the whole picture of sales, marketing, and support can provide valuable insights and inform your go-to-market (GTM) strategy. Lucky Orange Heatmaps and Session Recordings help teams convert more visitors, upsell, cross-sell, and improve the customer experience. 

HubSpot Lucky Orange integration in HubSpot timeline view

2. Access Lucky Orange Events in the HubSpot timeline for a better picture of the buyer’s journey and to create new conversion opportunities.

Because Lucky Orange Events also show up in a contact’s timeline, HubSpot users can identify which prospects triggered certain Lucky Orange Events that express buying intent or confusion. Use this website visitor data to inform further marketing or sales campaigns. 

For example, in the HubSpot CRM, users of this integration who notice that a prospect triggered a “page viewed” event for a product page could then send them a targeted email about that product to drive conversions. 

Users of this integration can select which Lucky Orange Events they want to pass through to HubSpot based on the data they are looking for. 

3. Engage with customers live and automatically record conversations to improve product and website experiences.

Keep an eye on website Chat interactions, with no manual work required. Lucky Orange passes through Chat conversations to contact timelines, so sales reps, support teams, and marketers can pick up where the conversation left off. 

Every exchange, whether with customer support, through email marketing, or direct sales outreach, is listed in one place, so every time a customer hears from your brand, it’s a unified experience. 

4. Optimize HubSpot forms and landing pages with the Lucky Orange app.

Lucky Orange tools show where visitors need help navigating your site and why they are dropping off before converting. Use Lucky Orange data to optimize your HubSpot landing pages, forms, and website pages to improve conversions. 

With Heatmaps, users can determine where their visitors are clicking and what changes they should make to optimize their calls-to-action. 

Let’s say your primary form converts fairly well on desktop, but there’s a huge dropoff in mobile conversions. And it’s your demo, so it’s a key product page. By analyzing page visitor behavior, you can update to a shorter form on mobile or move the download form and button above the effective fold on desktop. 

Optimize HubSpot forms and landing pages with the Lucky Orange app.

How SmartBug Media used HubSpot and Lucky Orange to grow their client’s conversion rates by 80% 

Sometimes, all you need is the right tool to unlock your marketing and sales capabilities. For SmartBug Media, using Lucky Orange with HubSpot helped them improve their client’s conversion rates with more detailed behavior analytics and heatmap data.

Using Lucky Orange visitor tracking data paired with HubSpot’s detailed contact timelines and marketing automation tools, SmartBug helped their client learn more about website behaviors and cut down on manual work. Their two main challenges were that 1) data points like bounce rates and time spent on site weren’t providing enough context to take action, and 2) the team was spending too much time updating website performance data and heatmap reports. 

By updating their tech stack and using the Lucky Orange integration with HubSpot, SmartBug increased a landing page conversion rate by over 100%, decreased bounce rates with new designs and targeted offers, and learned much more about their audiences and where there were disconnects in the user experience. 

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and find new ways to engage using Lucky Orange and HubSpot.

Drive measurable improvements to your conversion strategy by better understanding your website visitor’s behavior.

As consumers become increasingly comfortable with digital tools, they expect a seamless online experience every time. Do your website and tech stack make this easy to do? If not, take a look at the benefits and features of the Lucky Orange integration with HubSpot to see where you can make changes. Even the smallest optimization campaign can lead to massive results, so get started today.

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