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Remove conversion barriers and grow your business using Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Conversion Funnels and more.

Powerful ways to learn about your website visitors

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Session Recordings

Watch a specific person navigate your website to see what’s preventing them from converting.

Dynamic Heatmaps

See what people engage with on a page including dynamic elements like menus, forms and popups.


Ask people about their product preferences, technical issues or crowdsource new feature ideas.


Provide a discount code or product update to all visitors or trigger announcements by behavior.

Live Chat

Provide real-time support for inbound chats or ask people to chat based on page behavior or traffic segment.

Conversion Funnels

Quickly see which pages are converting and which are causing visitors to abandon your site.

Form Analytics

Monitor key form metrics like abandonment, field order and time to start to find areas for optimization.

Visitor Profiles

See everything someone has done on your website including sessions, pages, chat and basic metadata.


Build unlimited dashboards to follow key metrics for your marketing campaigns or certain traffic sources.

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