Who should be your Lucky Orange admin?

Mar 12, 2022

Published by: Jordan Meeker
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Signing up for a new piece of software, you have the best intentions to keep your account organized and different roles and responsibilities clear. But keeping track of how your team is organized inside each system can be a daunting and confusing task.

At Lucky Orange, we know you need account management to be simple, so you can focus on watching Session Recordings, studying your conversion rate or using our Live Chat. This post explains the purpose of admin accounts, why they’re so important and how they can be completely customized to meet you and your team’s needs.

It all starts with the Admin account and from there, all operator accounts are born (insert baby chick coming out of an egg emoji).

Big decisions

So you want to be the Lucky Orange account admin? Choosing this account role is not a task to take lightly. First off, you hold the highest amount of power in the account:

  • Handles payment information and monthly billing

  • The only role with the ability to add/remove sites you’re tracking

  • The only one with access to add/remove operators and grant them specific permissions (more on this in the next section)

  • Sole person to make account adjustments including increasing/decreasing monthly pageview allowance, increasing storage retention and adjusting the site allowance

  • Admins can see how close the account is to hitting its monthly pageview limit

    • Remember, once that limit is hit, all recordings and tracking stop and our tools like chat and surveys are no longer available until the first of the following month.

With that in mind, who in your organization should be the admin? Ideally, this person is able to make billing decisions while also being in the tool regularly enough to add/remove people and change basic settings.

While it would make sense for a team member who has company payment authorization to be the account admin, it won’t be a productive setup if that person is not able to actively keep up on the items listed above.

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The others will need you

All other users who have access to Lucky Orange but are not the admin are called operators. As an admin, the fate of operators rests in your hands.

Did you know?

With a Lucky Orange enterprise account, your account manager will help with account setup and ongoing management to give your large team the settings and roles they need to succeed.

Going back to the opening of this post—we talked about teams. One of the helpful functionalities of operators is that each one can have their own unique permissions that you as the admin assign. For example, you can set it up so support team members have Lucky Orange account access and when they login all they can see is chat and live visitors.

Adding operators

So how do you even add these operators that I keep talking about? How do you modify their permissions?

  1. Log into your admin account and select the site you want to add the operator to. Click the drop-down arrow next to your account name in the upper right-hand corner then select “site operators”

  2. You’ll get a pop-up window that shows you all operators who have access to that site. This is where you can add (and remove) operators or modify their individual permissions. This includes access to certain parts of Lucky Orange like email reports.

We've got you covered

As your business/organization continues to grow, we’re prepared to grow with you. I’ve mentioned things you have to keep an eye on as the admin but you don’t have to do it alone.

Lucky Orange has built-in tools and optional upgrades to help ensure you and your team get the very most out of all the visitor data you collect.

One example of our unique account support is called Keep Me Tracking. When you enter your billing information for the first time, we’ll ask if you want to opt-in for Keep Me Tracking.

With this feature enabled, if your account is close to hitting your pageview limit for the month, Lucky Orange will increase your account plan to the next tier to ensure you do not stop tracking/recording visitors.

On a custom enterprise plan with us? While Keep Me Tracking is not available on custom plans, if you’re close to going over on pageviews we’ll send you an email as a heads up and encourage you to reach out to your dedicated account manager to inquire about a plan upgrade (either just for the current month or all months moving forward).

This is a feature created in hopes to make your admin responsibilities easier and give you less to remember.

To put a pretty bow on it …

I just realized, I never introduced myself.

Hi, my name is Jordan Meeker and I’m an Enterprise Account Manager at Lucky Orange which means I get the privilege of being the go-to contact person for our customers with customized account plans.

In writing this blog post, I was hoping to answer some common questions I get regarding account setup. We never want Lucky Orange to be too complicated and I hope the above helped answer some possible lingering questions.

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