5 ways our free plan helps you better understand visitors

Mar 10, 2022

Published by: Lucky Orange
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Did you know Lucky Orange offers a free plan? Sometimes, customers who go through our 7-day trial need more time to evaluate our tools and fold them into their workflows.

Enter our free plan that gives you the entire toolkit with 100 sessions tracked each month, for a total of $0/month.

Here's a handful of things you can accomplish inside Lucky Orange, even using this no-cost subscription.

1. Use a survey to find out what’s keeping people from purchasing.

You still get all the features of Lucky Orange on our free plan, so why not use this time to ask people who come to your site what kept them from purchasing?

Better yet, deploy the survey on a page you think might be keeping people from converting, like your shipping or return policies page. You can trigger Lucky Orange Surveys to show only on specific pages, or you can use other triggers, like the amount of time someone spent on a page.

You might want to offer up this survey to people who linger on a product page but didn’t make a purchase to figure out why they didn’t add to cart. 

2. Test out Lucky Orange Chat to see if chatting with a customer makes them more likely to convert.

Setting up a full-scale chat program can be daunting.

This is where using live Chat on our free plan can help you see if the effort will net you more conversions. Pick an hour a day to watch live visitors on your website and then invite them to chat by asking if there is anything you can help them find.

As with Lucky Orange Surveys, you can also use triggers to invite people to chat when they’re on a certain page, have visited a certain number of times, or are from a specific traffic source.

3. Focus on understanding visitor behavior for people coming from a specific campaign or traffic source.

If you’ve just launched a new advertising campaign, you can use the information passed in through UTM parameters to study the behavior of people coming to your site from your campaign.

The insight you gain from watching these visitors on launch day can help you make tweaks to the campaign to improve your conversion rates. (Not sure what a UTM parameter is? Here’s a great blog post from Shopify that explains what they are and how to start using them.)

4. Review the Most Active Elements on your site.

Hop on over to the Analytics section and take a look at the Most Active Elements list. Hopefully, you’ll see your check out/cart button, a signup form or other conversion-indicating element near the top of the list. Be on the lookout for elements you expected to see there but that are missing as well as items you were surprised to see getting lots of clicks.

Use this information to rethink your site layout and user experience to get more engagement with the elements most important to you.

5. Study a scroll heatmap to see what content doesn’t get viewed.

If you haven’t looked at scroll heatmaps before, now is a great time to take a peek. These heatmaps show you how far down a page the majority of your visitors made before leaving.

You can find them in the Analytics section under Heatmaps. Pick one of your top pages to make sure you have a heatmap that reflects a good sample of visitors. Study the scroll heatmap to see if people make it far enough down the page to see your calls to action, top products or other important content. 

How to start your free plan

If you're looking to upgrade to a free plan after your trial expires, here's what you need to do.

Login to Lucky Orange and go to:

Settings ➡ Plan & Billing ➡ Upgrade Plan ➡ Free ➡ Submit.

If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at support@luckyorange.com and we will get things sorted for you.

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