How KB Works used Lucky Orange to help a client gain $25k revenue

Sep 30, 2021

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Can Lucky Orange help make a measurable conversion difference for today’s websites? As one web development and digital marketing agency discovered, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Kelvin Betances, founder and lead developer of KB Works, web development and digital marketing services agency, faced a major business hurdle – he needed an analytics solution that would give him more robust and actionable data than traditional analytics tools.

Thanks to Lucky Orange’s dynamic heatmaps and session recordings, Kelvin made data-driven website optimization changes that helped KB Works grow and drive new revenue for clients.

KB Works used Lucky Orange to help one client grow conversions by 30% over just four months, generating $25,000 in new business. Figuring out what improvements to make on the client’s website was made possible with Lucky Orange.

Left in the dark with Google Analytics

Kelvin was frustrated. Traditional website analytics like Google Analytics couldn’t answer all of the questions he and his clients had about their target audiences and websites.

It could show what pages were viewed or how long the average person stayed on a webpage. However, it couldn’t detail what a customer really did.

Why weren’t people clicking? Was the call to action too low? Was the content too wordy? What are we missing? 

Whether it was for his website or a client’s website, Kelvin needed to know more.

“I knew that iteratively improving and testing different customer experiences on a website is vital to success,” Kelvin explained. “Other than the traditional metrics tracked with tools like Google Analytics, I had no idea how users interact with my website, what was attracting them on a page or how they were navigating and clicking the visual elements.”

He added, “I didn’t know if they were actually reading my content or how far down the webpage they were scrolling.”

To give him new insight into what people were really doing and clicking on, Kelvin decided to investigate heatmapping software. He hoped heatmaps would provide him with the answers to his customer behavior questions as well as his clients’ questions.

Now Kelvin was tasked with finding the best heatmap technology available.

One Google search for website heat mapping software later, Kelvin began to evaluate the top heatmap contenders. Once evaluations were complete, there was one clear winner – Lucky Orange.

It offered the best value at a competitive price and included dynamic features other heatmap options lacked. Lucky Orange also bundled heatmaps with other useful features, such as session recording tools and conversion funnels.

How to make clients say "WOW!"

Clients came to KB Works for assistance in planning, executing and/or improving their online marketing strategies and digital assets. With Lucky Orange, Kelvin now had the data necessary to surpass his clients’ needs and high expectations by giving them new access to a deeper level of customer behavior.

Unlike Google Analytics, Lucky Orange left no question unanswered. Kelvin could now respond with a data-based answer if a client asked “what are people doing on my website?” or “are people reaching my call to action?”

He could also use dynamic heatmaps or session recording to show his clients the answers to their questions.

Most of his clients are amazed that technology like Lucky Orange even existed. Meanwhile, Lucky Orange helped Kelvin deliver quality, data-driven recommendations and strategies that resulted in impactful changes and business growth to his clients.

Best of all, Lucky Orange didn’t compromise a website’s speed or security.

One of his clients, Irish travel website Katie Daly’s Ireland, discovered firsthand the value of KB Works’ expertise combined with Lucky Orange’s analytics technology.

Using Lucky Orange dynamic heatmaps, session recordings and conversion funnels, Kelvin uncovered where travelers wanted to visit next and advised Katie Daly’s Ireland on the best itineraries to offer.

In particular, here’s how he used the features:

  • Dynamic heatmaps: As a travel website, Katie Daly’s Ireland needed to know where its visitors wanted to travel. The more they knew about their travel-thirsty visitors, the better itineraries it could provide. Using dynamic heatmaps, Kelvin identified which travel destination images received the most attention. Kelvin then used this information to generate popular customer-preferred travel itineraries and suggest marketing campaign topics. Kelvin said, “The heatmaps also allowed me to see how far down users were scrolling and helped me determine what content on the pages could be trimmed.”

  • Session recordings: Recordings, like heatmaps, allowed Kelvin to see what content and travel destinations users viewed the most. While heatmaps provided an aggregated view of the popular travel destinations, recordings gave him a better look at how specific people were lingering around specific destinations and travel topics. He could see if they were hovering over one specific part of an image, such as a lake or a castle.

  • Conversion funnels: Kelvin kept his conversion funnel simple for the client. The funnel he created was Visit page >> View content  >> Request a quote. The funnel, front and center on the dashboard, let Kelvin monitor the funnel and jump to recordings for further evaluation at any step.

Over just four months, Kelvin used Lucky Orange’s dynamic heatmaps and session recordings to drive recommendations that helped Katie Daly’s Ireland:

  • Grow conversions by 30%, resulting in $25,000 of new business

  • Decrease bounce rates by 43%

  • Increase time spent on page by an average of five minutes

“I used Lucky Orange to see how people were using the website and recommended different page designs until people were spending more time on the page and reaching out for inquiries,” he explained.

Needless to say, his clients were thrilled with Lucky Orange. They were grateful for Kelvin’s recommendations and impressed by the technology.

Next up:

Kelvin didn’t just keep Lucky Orange for his clients. He used it on his own website design as well.

Using Lucky Orange, Kelvin could see exactly how people were using the KB Works website, where they were clicking and what elements were clicked on the most.  He evaluated the best web page structure that maximized how leads could access his agency’s values, past work and contact information.

 “One key area of improvement I owe to Lucky Orange was improving my customers’ experience,” Kelvin noted. “I realized through session recordings where they were scrolling down my website.”

He continued, “Initially, I had my content too “vertical,” and people were having a hard time scrolling through all of my information. I used the insights from recordings and dynamic heatmaps to design an easy-to-navigate fixed side bar system to help with people having to scroll up or down to navigate to a new page of look at something new.”

Kelvin also identified what content marketing wasn’t needed and cut it down as needed.

Within the first three months, Lucky Orange helped KB Works:

  • Decrease bounce rates by 40%

  • Increase time spent on page by two minutes

  • Grow the average pages per visit by two pages

  • Save 8 to 10 hours completing his monthly website audit by having all tools in one platform

 “My website performance metrics went up, and customers were ultimately having a better time on my page,” Kelvin said. “Lucky Orange has definitely helped us implement small user interface changes that over time have significantly improved not our web traffic metrics and credibility while adding value to my visitors and clients.”

He sets aside time every month to review his dynamic heatmaps and session recordings. Kelvin continues to use this information to identify elements that aren’t getting the traction he anticipated or to fix errors. As a result, he can improve the user experience and his ability to win new business.

Kelvin attributes more than $12,000 in new sales to changes driven by Lucky Orange.

“Helpful for everyone”

For Kelvin, Lucky Orange’s insight into visitor behavior and customer experience has made a world of difference for his business and for his clients.

There’s no question in his mind that his plan has paid for itself hundreds of times over.

“For the low cost of the subscription and with a bit of effort on my end, I was able to make thousands in new business and improve my metrics within just six months,” Kelvin said.

To other agencies and businesses considering Lucky Orange, Kelvin has wise words to share:

“When evaluating a tool, define your priorities. The great thing about Lucky Orange is that it has a feature that would be helpful for everyone, regardless of what step in the process they are in.”

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