Dynamic Heatmaps a perfect fit for UNTUCKit

Sep 30, 2021

Published by: Lucky Orange
untuckit untucked shirt

The untucked shirt can be the perfect combination of smart and casual but finding that perfect button-down to leave untucked isn’t always easy.

Cue UNTUCKit, a startup that stepped onto the fashion scene in 2011 with a unique product – a shirt that is the perfect length to wear untucked. Seven years later, UNTUCKit is thriving more than ever.

More than one million people flock to the company’s website each month, and this figure is only going to increase.

To continue the momentum, the UNTUCKit team knew they needed a new heat mapping solution that could show precise interactions in a dynamic way, and they needed it now.

It isn't easy to look this good

One of the biggest challenges UNTUCKit’s team faced was finding a heatmapping option that would add valuable insight to their efforts while being able to combine historical data, precise details, web element ranking, and segmented information in a package that was dynamic and interactive.

UNTUCKit required more than just a static heatmap, and data sampling wouldn’t be adequate for their needs.

The UNTUCKit crew, led by E-Commerce Coordinator Francesca Verceles-Zara, embarked on a task to evaluate heatmap tools. The winner was clear – Lucky Orange and its conversion tools were the best solution.

Preparing for the (digital) runway

As Francesca explained, her team was impressed by Lucky Orange's Dynamic Heatmaps.

Dynamic Heatmaps showed not only where visitors hovered but also the precise interaction visitors had on the website, including element popularity ranking.

As their brand continued to become more visible, Lucky Orange scaled with their needs. A surge of traffic followed its national advertisement debut on NBC Sports. With more people visiting their website than ever before, UNTUCKit used Lucky Orange to learn more about how users were really navigating and clicking.

For example, what images drew their attention more than others? How did visitors journey from homepage to checkout? In this heatmap, you can clearly see the interest level across top navigation, CTA buttons, and individual product descriptions.

The UNTUCKIt the team was “able to see [exactly] where customers were clicking in our navigation.” With this information in hand, UNTUCKit compared data and patterns with previous traffic patterns to make better website design and navigation adjustments in future updates.

Well-fit for the future

UNTUCKit’s line continues to grow. The company added a line of women’s shirts in mid-2016, and the response has been positive. As UNTUCKit thrives, the need to focus on its online visitors will only continue to grow as well.

The information UNTUCKit gleaned from using Dynamic Heatmaps helped its website get ready to impress its customer base, and the Dynamic Heatmaps provided the data and insight Francesca and her team needed to help with site updates and adjustments.

In particular, Dynamic Heatmaps will be able to help Francesca’s team by:

  • Better understanding of how customers are using the UNTUCKit website, including which elements – including drop-down menus – are more popular among visitors;

  • Isolating specific customer segmentation that, when compared to historical data, can offer new details that can be used for future updates, optimization strategies, or marketing efforts;

  • Focusing on more than just hot or cold links by analyzing precise clicks to make UNTUCKIT.com even more efficient; and

  • Scaling UNTUCKit’s plan while staying in budget with Lucky Orange to capture the data needed as pageviews increase.

Francesca’s especially excited for future use as the team discovers its “sweet spot” of information to pull data for upcoming website optimization. With Lucky Orange as part of its arsenal of tools, UNTUCKit’s website will be ready to continue to impress visitors and customers alike.

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