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Sep 30, 2021

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A little over three years ago, we embarked on a project that will have many of you nodding along and thinking, “It’s about time!” What initially started as a facelift for the user interface of Lucky Orange morphed into something much bigger.

Starting next month, we’re inviting a limited number of new customers to use a new version of Lucky Orange. The new version of Lucky Orange is easier to use, includes more than 65 new features and loads even faster than our previous version. (A side note on load times: Our code has always, and still does, load asynchronously after your web page loads so people visiting your website don’t experience page load delays.)

Why build a new Lucky Orange?

We’ve heard you loud and clear on a topic that’s been on our minds, too: our current user interface looks dated.

A while back we got started on a project to update the look and feel of Lucky Orange. What was initially envisioned as a visual facelift morphed into a much larger project to build a new Lucky Orange. 

As we evaluated new designs, we had lots and lots of conversations with our customers and our internal teams where we said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if ...” or “It would be so helpful if we could …” So we decided to act on some of those great ideas and work on a rebuild of Lucky Orange as we knew it. 

Thousands of hours of conversations, whiteboard sessions, wireframes, prototypes and a few spirited discussions along the way all came together to create the new version of Lucky Orange that debuted today. We’re equally proud of the fact we designed and developed the new version with our in-house teams. 

What is the new Lucky Orange?

The new version of our software is everything our customers love about Lucky Orange - heatmaps, session recordings, form analytics, conversion funnels, live chat and surveys - plus an easier-to-use interface and more than 60 new features and enhancements. 

The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve used Lucky Orange before is our new user interface (UI). The new UI is designed to make the complicated simple. We designed the new Lucky Orange to feel simple enough for a non-technical growing business owner to use with ease yet powerful enough for an analytics professional to get into granular data.

Along with the new UI, we’re also debuting a new brand identity. Our new brand identity reflects that we’re wiser than when we got started and imparts the knowledge we’ve learned along the way. 

As we evaluated different directions our brand could take, we wanted to steer clear of the cold, austere trend we’ve seen a lot of tech companies embrace. We know it can be overwhelming when you’re faced with conversion challenges and we wanted our brand to feel reassuring and friendly.

We’ve also made a few changes to how you navigate the app so you can get to visitor meaningful visitor information faster and spend less time sifting through data. Our goal is to decrease the amount of time it takes you to discover valuable and actionable improvements that can help you grow your website conversions. Here’s an overview of some of the enhancements you’ll find in the new version of Lucky Orange. 


The dashboard is all about what matters most to you. We’ve added more customizable cards such as top pages, daily trends, survey results, chat ratings, chat team member rankings and insights so you can see your most important information as soon as you log in. You also have the ability to create multiple dashboards so you can toggle between summary views of meaningful data. 


This is the new home for live view and recordings. You’ll see a list of recordings similar to Lucky Orange Classic (which, btw, is what we’re calling the previous version of our software). If you’re passing in custom user data, you’ll see the name of the person who came to your site.

If the visitor’s name is unknown, you’ll see a helpful identifier - blue mushroom, gold pineapple, purple lime, etc. - to help find visitors more easily.

And one of the biggest changes with visitors is the ability to see the visitor’s profile, which includes a timeline view of their sessions, significant events, chat interactions and notes you or your team member have added to that person’s profile. 


We know you rely on these replays to find out what’s tripping people up and keeping them from converting. It’s our goal to help you find these insights quickly, so we’ve added a timeline to recordings that shows when various events occurred, like shaky mouse, rage clicks and super rage clicks, mouse reading and text highlighting. You can also see recordings grouped by these events so you don’t have to hunt for them one-by-one. 

When you find something significant in a recording, you can keep track of it by leaving a note for yourself or another team member. This is a great feature if you need a developer or customer support specialist to take a look at something you’ve spotted in a recording.

Saved segments

Let’s say you run an e-commerce site and you want to see visitors who were browsing on their smartphone and came to your men’s collection page. Oh, and you only want to see the people who came from Facebook. You can filter across Lucky Orange to show visitors, recordings, chats, surveys and funnels for only those results and then save that segment so you can quickly find them time and time again without having to redo the filtering.


Formerly known as polls, Lucky Orange surveys are another great avenue to connect with your customers to understand what’s making them happy, causing them friction or a host of other topics. We’ve introduced new survey types including like/dislike surveys and ratings. Your results are shown in an easy-to-understand graphical format. 

Before releasing your survey, you'll see a confirmation of messaging and targeting, shown above.


After talking with our customers about how they used our polls feature and using a similar hack ourselves, we created a separate announcements feature that allows you to share discounts, special offers or news with people visiting your site. You can choose how you want the announcement to display - either as a sticker or a lightbox.


We’re the only all-in-one conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool that offers live chat. We believe live chat is an essential piece to getting more conversions on your website. Why wait until after someone leaves your site to figure out how you could have saved the sale when you can use live chat and live view while they’re on your site to prevent the lost sale in the first place? We’ve continued to invest in our live chat feature and have added new functionality including chat invite triggers for device type, scroll depth, source or visit number. 

We know operators - or team members - are at the heart of a good chat program. That’s why we’re introducing team chat to allow team members to chat with one another. We’ve also added chat ratings so account owners and admins can ask site visitors for feedback on their chat experience to help chat operators improve. The chat ratings are emoji-based and presented in an easy graphical view so owners and admins can quickly see where operators are excelling or might need additional support. 

A new set of chat analytics is designed to help owners and admins plan out their chat staffing needs. You can now see your most active day of the week, time of day and average chats per day.

If you’d like to see some of these new features in action, check out our new Lucky Orange welcome tour.

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