The Complete Guide to Boosting Conversions with Video

Oct 25, 2021

Published by: Victor Blasco
using video to boost conversions

Videos provide the most reliable type of content right now to engage audiences and motivate them into action. From animated product pieces to company story explainers, videos can help you achieve different goals throughout the customer journey.

However, not every style works as well for every kind of marketing objective, and boosting conversions is no easy task.

In this piece, we'll talk about a handful of popular marketing video styles, what makes them tick, and tell you what makes them so effective in helping convert potential customers in different stages of a sales funnel.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Understanding conversions

In marketing, conversions are defined as the action(s) taken by a visitor taking them closer to completing a desired task or goal. So, we could say that conversions are the action we get in exchange for creating good marketing content.

Conversion actions could be making a purchase, starting a free trial, signing up for your email newsletter lists—the options are endless and depend on your business needs. But when it’s all said and done, conversions are just the goal itself.

When creating video content for marketing, every step we follow has to lead us into a potential customer taking a determined action, which gets us closer to our goals – the same goals you have designed your sales funnel for.

Sales funnels in a nutshell

It’d be hard to increase conversions without a solid grasp on how your marketing funnel works at the different stages. So, let’s cover the basic layout you can use to guide your video content selection.

The sales funnel represents the combination of steps someone takes to become your customer or achieve the desired marketing goal. While this process can take a number of different forms, we’ll be working today with a basic four step model:

  1. Awareness: This is the stage in which people become conscious of your product or service (they realize your brand exists).

  2. Interest: In this stage, potential customers evaluate your brand according to the enthusiasm it and your products and content generates.

  3. Decision: After getting to know your company and products, prospects will investigate other aspects relevant to making a choice, such as pricing, availability and reliability. These things are what will help them determine if they want to purchase your product, subscribe to your newsletter or any other desired conversion.

  4. Action: As the name implies, this stage represents when a potential customer decides to act on the information they’ve obtained thus far.

Understanding and documenting your conversion stages is vital because it informs the types o. By tailoring your content to specific marketing goals aimed at distinct stages of a funnel, you can select the perfect type of video that motivates more people into action.

Different videos for different goals

Choosing the right video type can make or break your video marketing strategy. So, let's talk a bit about some of the most crucial marketing goals when it comes to generating conversions and a few video styles that work best to achieve them.

Nurturing customer confidence and promoting brand values

It’s well known that putting a face to a name or a brand can make your company more relatable to your potential customers. And when you make them feel like they know you, they’re more likely to spend their money on your products or services.

Company Story Videos:

When it comes to explaining your company's values, company story videos are a safe bet, as they put your brand (and its employees and processes) in the spotlight. These videos are created to showcase your core purpose and the people that are involved in making everything work in your company.

TEKNOROT 2020 company story video:


Customer testimonial videos are a great option for building confidence in your brand and products. People tend to trust in third-party opinions, as they ultimately come across as unbiased.

If your goal is to have people rely on your brand or assuage last-minute concerns for them to convert in some manner, these two types of videos are great alternatives.

Tri-Tecnical Systems testimonial video:

Presenting your products effectively and in memorable ways

If the type of conversion you’re going after is tied to selling products, you need video content that puts them in front of customers in the best possible light. Only then can someone be motivated into a purchase decision.

Explainer Videos:

If you’re looking for a way of explaining what your product or service is all about, simply and engagingly, then explainer videos are your best option. They're the perfect combination of informational and educational content as they aim to quickly educate a customer on the “what”, “how” and “why” of your product.

These types of videos tend to be short (no longer than 90 seconds) and are usually directed to a specific audience and aimed at a precise issue to create a stronger connection. Due to these characteristics, explainer videos are perfect for paid YouTube ads (and Facebook and Twitter as well, to a lesser extent).

Lucky Orange explainer video:

Product Videos:

When it comes to focusing on a product’s features, product videos are also a great option. These videos are generally used in e-commerce businesses and are perfect to briefly and succinctly list the different aspects of individual products briefly and succinctly.

Creating product videos is always a good idea, as they increase the trust in your offerings, get your leads closer to a shopping decision, rank themselves in YouTube and search engines, and nurture your leads as well. Just as is with product photography, make sure your video is high quality to reflect the high standards you hold for the product itself.

Samsung Galaxy4 video:

Getting ahead of potential concerns

Many potential customers experience last-minute doubts or have to struggle with pre-purchase concerns before closing a deal. This is why having video content specifically targeted to assuage those issues can be a great way to increase conversions at the last stages of your funnel.

FAQ Videos:

When it comes to consumer concerns, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs videos are one of the best options, as they are specially made to help customers with doubts. These videos are created to answer significant questions about your brand and to give your potential customers detailed information about your product or service.

FAQ videos should be simple and get straight to the point. They should also be short, as you don't want to bore your audience by having to sit through irrelevant information.

Viewrail metal stringers FAQ:

Educational videos:

This type of video’s main goal is, as you could imagine, to educate the customers about some specific related to your brand, product, or their purchase experience. Educational videos should be relevant, go straight to the point, and provide concise and helpful answers to your audience.

Being fun is convenient for most types of marketing content, but educational videos can particularly benefit from being entertaining and amusing. You don’t want your video to look like a basic, boring documentary!

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Summing up

However you look at it, video is one of the best ways to increase conversions, or rather, it certainly can be.

Just keep in mind that videos aren’t magic, and you still need to have a deep understanding of your marketing goals and the funnels you’ve built around your products to make relevant video content that actually helps you convert more.

So, time to get to work. Ask yourself, what area of my funnel isn’t performing as expected, and what type of video would best fix the issue? That’s a great place to start.

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