Researching optimization tools?

Here are the top 6 reasons Lucky Orange is a great fit for your website optimization efforts.

6 great reasons to choose Lucky Orange

1. Affordable plans for all types of businesses

Getting insight on visitor behavior shouldn't break the bank. Our paid plans start at $18 a month and we also have a free plan available.

2. Heatmaps that work on dynamic websites

Some heatmap tools only work on the static elements of your websites. Our Dynamic Heatmaps work on drop downs, hover-overs and more.

3. Session Recordings that show key events

Use our event-based timeline to quickly uncover important parts of a visitor's journey such as rage clicks, element clicked, page refreshed and more.

4. Live View shows you what's happening now

Why wait for visitors to leave your site to find optimization opportunities? With Live View, watch and help people who are on your website right now.

5. A Live Chat tool that grows conversions

Save the sale before its lost by prompting people to chat exactly when they need help. Our smart triggers let you reach visitors most likely to need help.

6. Segmentation that saves you time

Which visitors matter most to you? Our Optimizable Segments feature shows you groups of Frustrated, Confused and Engaged Visitors.

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All of our powerful features included in every plan

Get every feature on every plan - even on our free plan. With Lucky Orange, you won't pay for more sessions than you need to unlock powerful features.

Every feature, every plan:

  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Session Recordings
  • Surveys
  • Live Chat
  • Dashboard Insights
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form Analytics
  • Visitor Profiles
  • Announcements

Also included:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Tracking on one website
  • Customizable branding for surveys, chat, etc.
  • No-code and API options for custom event tracking
  • Integrations with Zapier, Shopify, HubSpot and more
  • Daily and/or weekly Email Reports

Customize your plan:

  • Extended storage options
  • Additional websites

1. Affordable plans for all types of businesses

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or member of a Fortune 500 business, our plans scale to meet your needs.

  • All plans start with a 7-day, no credit card required free trial. Even customers on a free trial can take advance of our free 15-minute onboarding call.

  • Plans are based on how much traffic traffic your website gets. As your site grows, plans scale to grow with you.

  • Not ready to commit? Try our free plan that includes all the same features as a paid plan. Most of our competitors only give you a few features for free.

2. Heatmaps that work on dynamic websites

Do the other heatmap software providers you're considering allow you to see interaction with drop downs, hover overs and pop ups?

  • Not all heatmaps are created equal. Lucky Orange heatmaps let you see important visitor interaction with dynamic elements that other software misses.

  • Spend less time getting to the insights you want by filtering your heatmaps to only show visitors from a specific traffic source, campaign or number of visits.

  • Make a change to your site? Lucky Orange heatmaps capture your changes unlike other tools that require you to set up new snapshots or experiments every time you change your website.

3. Session Recordings that show key events

Narrow in on the most important parts of a person's visit by focusing on events like rage clicks or your own custom events.

  • Our recording timeline lets you skip to important parts of the visitor's session to uncover potential conversion blockers.

  • Speed up the playback of session recordings to save time. Chose playback speeds from 1/2x to 10x. You can skip over idle time in a person's visit, too.

  • Make note of key observations in a recording with our notes feature that lets you comment on specific points during the visitor's session.

4. Live View shows you what's happening now

Lucky Orange Live View lets you see what people are doing on your site right now.

  • Watch what visitors to your site are doing while they're browsing. See where they click and scroll to immediately uncover pain points.

  • Co-browse alongside a customer you're chatting with on Live Chat so you can help them troubleshoot issues or navigate your site.

  • See an alert when a visitor comes back to your site while you're studying recordings of their past visits.

5. A Live Chat tool that grows conversions

Why wait until someone leaves your site to figure out why they didn't convert? Use Live Chat to solve issues before you lose the sale.

  • Prompt a chat session by using event-based triggers such as time on page or button clicked. Save time by reaching out to people most likely to need help.

  • Set availability hours so chat only appears only when you're available to chat. Use an away form to capture messages while you're offline.

  • Our emoji-based chat feedback allows you to see how visitors rate their chat experience so you can pinpoint opportunities to improve.

6. Segmentation that saves you time

Choose from automatically segmented groups of frustrated, confused or engaged visitors or build custom segments.

  • Segment recordings and heatmaps by criteria including page visited, exit page, visit number, traffic source, browser type and more.

  • See how your campaigns are performing by creating segments based on UTM parameters.

  • Quickly find valuable sessions with six automatically generated Optimizable Segments including ones that show sessions of visitors who are bounced, frustrated, engaged or chatted on your site.

Start optimizing your website now.