How Temples & Markets grew on Shopify using Lucky Orange

Sep 30, 2021

Published by: Lucky Orange
Temples & Markets Case Study

You could say Judith Treanor's passion for Southeast Asia, its people and beautiful, unique products made by local artisans is contagious.

Whether it's her 20 years of extensive travel throughout the region, past work as a merchandiser or her impeccable eye for design, Judith transformed her passion into a career with the launch of her Shopify store, Temples and Markets.

At its core, Temples and Markets provide customers with ethically sourced, local products made by emerging designers, craftspeople and artisans across Southeast Asia.

However, making Temples and Markets come to life was no easy feat.

It took a year of securing relationships with designers, makers and vendors across Southeast Asia, stocking inventory, taking high-quality product photos and developing a website through Shopify, before the business launched.

Now the hard work began - getting visitors to buy.

Moving beyond traditional analytics

Though it took a year to launch, it only took Judith a few days to realize she needed to know more than traditional website analytics could tell her.

Traditional analytics tools could tell her how many website sessions she had this month, but she wanted to know:

  • What behavior patterns they had while on site

  • Where they clicked and scrolled during their visit

  • What was stopping more of them from converting into customers

Judith knew she couldn't sit around waiting for customers to trickle in. She needed a solution and she needed it now.

Using Lucky Orange on a Shopify store

After reaching out to fellow Shopify store owners and browsing the Shopify App Store, Judith discovered the solution to her problem: Lucky Orange.

As someone who prefers to use apps that are easy to install, Judith was delighted that Lucky Orange could be installed in just minutes.

Shortly after app installation, data began flowing into Judith's account. As she sat at her computer, she watched visitors engaging with her site through the app, saved recordings and live view.

Live view helps elevate the customer experience

Of all of the features provided by Lucky Orange, one of the most beneficial was live visitors.

While the visitor recordings act like a DVR to capture every interaction on a website, live recordings of visitors behave more like a live broadcast. Judith could watch visitors in real time, noting how they browsed through webpages, added products to their cart and even checked out.

As Judith explains, “I'm able to see what customers are looking at and why they leave the store without buying.”

Note: Sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords, are never captured or displayed by the Lucky Orange app.

For Judith, watching visitors became a new favorite pastime. She loved to know what visitors were doing and how they were behaving.

She said:

“While viewing customer behavior in real time, I have been able to look at the ease of navigation from my website from their point of view. The result has been improving navigation, collections and search so people can find what they are looking for easier then go ahead and buy!”

Judith discovered issues preventing visitors from moving through her website by using this information, especially for mobile users.

“By watching customer behaviors I'd seen that the checkout process wasn't always quick and easy,” Judith explains. “I'd see that the checkout button was too far down the product page; I've moved this up and it sits above the description now. I've installed 'Quick View' and ‘Quick Shop‘ so a customer can check out swiftly.”

Making data-driven decisions

Using this information, Judith was able to make data-driven changes to her top bar navigation and finally added a sidebar filter menu. She also created gift guides and installed the Smart Search plugin for a smoother searching experience.

Like other websites, Judith knew that customer experience was key to success. The easier it was for visitors to navigate through pages on her website and check out, the better the customer experience would be.

“The customer experience is everything to my small business now. E-commerce stores can't offer human interaction like bricks and mortar stores do, however with the stories of people, products and places I tell in store, I aim to create something to humanize the online shopping experience,” Judith said.

“To that end, it helps enormously to watch how visitors interact with my store, to see which pages they land on, to see how long they'll stay on the site. I love to see how often visitors have returned to the site,” she adds. “Temples and Markets is a labor of love for me, and I frequently fine tune the site to improve the customer experience - watching how customers relate to my store via Lucky Orange is integral to me being able to do this.”

Considering 73% of shoppers say customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions, it's no surprise that Judith's efforts paid off in increasing conversions and customer experience.

And boy they did.

By focusing on customer experience to make small changes to navigation and the checkout button placement and listening to feedback from live chat support team, Lucky Orange helped Judith increase conversions by 5% and thousands of dollars.

The live chat advantage

Using live chat, Judith was able to connect with customers as they navigated through the website and checkout forms. In the process, she was able to answer their questions that could have otherwise prevented them from checking out.

Judith was also able to use live chat support tools to provide the information and support that customers need to decide to check out.

With one-third of her orders coming from overseas, it's not always feasible to be online at all times. Thanks to information gleaned from recordings, Judith learned when most of her customers were online.

Judith could make sure she was available and online when most of her customers were.

For example, one customer was looking at a necklace with available options in different sizes.

Through chat, Judith was able to provide measurements for the customer and give her valuable feedback on her information that resulted in a sale.

Had chat not been available, the customer may not have had their questions addressed and may have abandoned the sale.

More than just conversions

Lucky Orange provided valuable information about visitor behavior leading to changes that ultimately impacted Temple and Market's bottom line.

For most e-commerce brands, organic search represents 42% of site traffic and 40% of sales revenue. For Temple and Market, organic search represents 85% of its traffic and 60% of its revenue.

As a result, understanding organic search is at the top of Judith's list, and Lucky Orange fits the bill.

While an agency handles traffic analysis for Judith, she still uses lucky Orange to look at where the traffic is originating and what patterns emerge, such as shopping habits or visits at a particular time of day.

“I think it's crucial to try to be online to show that chat is live as much as is humanly possible,” she explains. “I would say the fact that visitors can see a live chat option helps with the trust factor - they can see a ‘real human' runs the store, even if they don't want to chat.”

“Don't think twice”

Those are Judith's own words of advice for other Shopify stores considering using Lucky Orange.

“Lucky Orange is an invaluable resource for retailers to view customer data. I love to see where in the world people are visiting my store,” Judith said. “I watch to see what visitors are searching for and what they are adding - or not adding - to their carts.”

It's been three years since Judith first installed Lucky Orange on Temples and Markets, and she hasn't looked back since.

Lucky Orange analytics remains a crucial part of Judith's arsenal of digital tools, and with more opportunities on the horizon, she and users can trust that the Lucky Orange app will remain a powerhouse of analytics data that scales as her business does, too.

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