PrimeSport boosts conversions by 30 percent with Lucky Orange

Sep 30, 2021

Published by: Lucky Orange
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As a leading sports travel and event management company, PrimeSport provides complete “bucket-list” experiences for sports fans.

Want to rub elbows with pro golfers at The Masters? Say no more.

Always dreamed of being at the World Series? They can make it happen.

PrimeSport’s customers are willing to pay top dollar for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and high expectations begin the moment they begin to search for their dream trip on

For PrimeSport, the pressure is on to provide sports fan with as flawless of an experience online as it provides offline.

What was slowing growth?

PrimeSport knew its experience packages were hitting home runs with customers based on the post-event experience feedback it received from customers.

However, the glowing post-experience feedback couldn’t answer the questions about what the experience was like for potential and current customers during one of their first and critically important touchpoints on the PrimeSport website.

This left PrimeSport’s technical and marketing teams throwing blind pitches when they tried to figure out their customers’ online journeys.

Prior to using Lucky Orange, PrimeSport’s website analytics failed to explain to user’s journey through the website. Instead of answers, the analytics left more unanswered questions.

Where were users clicking? What navigation path did they take, and what was stopping them from completing a purchase? Where could the site be improved now, and what should be scrapped in a redesign?

The clock was ticking.

In early 2017, averaged roughly 400,000 active users and more than 1 million page views each month with a conversion rate of roughly 4 percent.  In the second quarter of 2017, U.S. e-commerce websites were averaging just 2.6 percent conversion rate, meaning was doing well above average.

Even so, PrimeSport knew its conversion rate could still be improved.

PrimeSport’s technical team faced a tremendous hurdle to

  1. Learn how users were clicking and navigating on

  2. Understand the most popular features

  3. Identity and correct navigation pain points and bottlenecks

  4. Find new insights to lead the direction on a site redesign

Traditional analytics simply were striking out time and time again.

The team knew it needed new website insight, and it needed that insight as soon as possible.

Starting to use Lucky Orange

PrimeSport’s CTO Raghu Polavarapu didn’t waste any time looking at options. He took to the digital play field to identify the perfect analytics quarterback.

The team was looking for insight that met its strict criteria:

  • All data must be collected; sampled data would not be considered

  • Visitor recordings and heatmaps must be integrated within the same system

  • Dynamic data, such as drop-downs, must be captured

  • Insight must be generated as close to real-time as possible

  • It needed to have a high ROI to meet budget requirements

  • Customer data privacy must be a priority

After putting many of the conversion rate optimization and analytics industries’ top contenders to the test, one was clearly in a league of its own and impressed Raghu and his team.

Some of the contenders required experiments to run for hours – if not days – before a static heatmap could be generated (on non-dynamic elements). Other options told an incomplete story of what was happening on the PrimeSport website because they only sampled data.

Raghu’s team didn’t have time for any of that.

After all the options were put to the test, the top pick was clear: Lucky Orange.

Lucky Orange proved to have everything PrimeSport needed in a website optimization solution and surpassed even the technical team’s detailed requirements. 

The team was particularly blown away with the ability to interact with Lucky Orange’s heatmaps.

Because these heatmaps were dynamic instead of static, the team could access real-time data in an overlay and see easily analyze dropdowns, find each webpage’s top elements, access visitor recordings to see how visitors actually clicked on the elements, and navigate through the website like a customer.

The team also discovered they could filter the dynamic heatmap data to identify visitors patterns and potential website issues and problem areas. For example, they could find how visitors referred from Facebook interacted differently than those who came from Google PPC.

Since adding Lucky Orange to their digital arsenal, PrimeSport increased its conversion rates by nearly 30 percent.

Once Rahu’s team started using Lucky Orange, there was no going back.

Eliminating website hurdles

Whether you call it a home run or a touchdown, Lucky Orange gave Raghu’s team the insight needed to open a new level of conversion and website optimization that previously had been impossible.

“With Lucky Orange, we could better address pain points for customers and provide better customer experiences,” Raghu said.

Trying to fix low conversion rates with a best guess was now a thing of the past. It used to take the team up to 12  hours to find navigation pain points and bottlenecks. It now took the team just 15 minutes to find and fix these issues after installing the Lucky Orange code on its website.

The PrimeSport technical team wasn’t the only to benefit from the changes identified or verified by Lucky Orange. Visitors now experience a streamlined navigation to find their dream sports-filled fantasy vacation, complete their order and submit contact information.

Using Lucky Orange to tinker

Diagnosing problems to fix before their website redesign was just the tip of the iceberg for Raghu’s team; His team knows Lucky Orange isn’t a “one-and-done” solution.

The PrimeSport technical team uses Lucky Orange as an ongoing tool to monitor the website and combine visitor insights with A/B testing platforms. They also use Lucky Orange to “tinker” with minor website updates, monitor the overall e-commerce experience, and help prioritizing site redesigns.

PrimeSport added the following features based on users insights

  • Guest Checkout

  • Enhanced Personalization

  • Workflow Enhancements

  • Multi Screen UX Enhancements

His team used Lucky Orange to help debug the PrimeSport website, too.

Raghu’s team also takes advantage of the always-on recordings through Lucky Orange as a way to validate analytics from other platforms and resolve customer questions.

“We also use Lucky Orange to confirm our analytics metrics and video recordings help as proof of purchase as needed,” Raghu added.

Without a doubt, Raghu describes Lucky Orange as providing “the best behind-the-scenes” insight that is “critical for our ongoing improvement.”  

Just like bringing in the proverbial closer to pitch the ninth inning, PrimeSport was able to use Lucky Orange to clinch the solution it needed to win more customers.

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