The new Lucky Orange brand identity

Sep 30, 2021

Published by: Sean McCarthy
The New Lucky Orange Logo

The new Lucky Orange

Today we started a gradual rollout of our new Lucky Orange brand identity. So, what makes now the perfect time for us to launch this new identity? The answer is twofold.

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced a lot of exciting growth at Lucky Orange. And in the past year, we’ve spent time examining our branding against this trajectory with a focus on the type of company we want to become in the future. With the framework of long-term brand maturity in mind, we knew updates and upgrades were in store.

This release also accompanies a major overhaul to many of Lucky Orange’s core app tools including a refreshed UX and 60 total updates to things like Live Chat collaboration and note-taking and Session Recordings. While still in a limited release phase, these updates will continue to be refined before being generally released to the public over the course of the next year.

Like almost all projects at Lucky Orange, our new brand identity system was done in-house by our talented team members. Members across all of our teams - UX/product design, marketing, development and customer service - worked together to develop the strategy, create the visuals and refine them working together. We think our teams did an outstanding job, and hope you enjoy the new brand identity as much as we do.


The new logo is designed from the foundation of the original Orange, with an updated and modern color palette. The imperfect circle of the orange represents the unique nature of every website visitor’s journey and the lower case font highlights our brand’s approachable personality.

The simplified logo is meant to present a modernized design approach while blending well with many of the other new brand elements like flourishes and illustrated characters. Our focus is on building great tools that work really well -- not distracting customers with flashy (but meaningless) design.

We tested several variations of our new logo against our previous logo as part of a brand research study to make sure the new logo was striking the right tone. The participants in the research study confirmed what we were hoping to achieve with our new logo - that it was friendly, approachable and made them want to learn more about our company. 

Color palette 

One thing we noticed when we began working on our new brand identity is a lot of tech companies were embracing very similar design aesthetics and color palettes. We evaluated so many tech brands that used cool-toned colors and gradients that they all started to run together and no single one was memorable. 

We wanted our identity and the color palette that supported it to be memorable and differentiated from our competitors. We also wanted something that felt warm and approachable and had a more organic feel to it. 

And of course, when you have a color in your brand name, there’s an expectation that color will also play a prominent part in your identity. 


You’re busy. And when you decide it’s time to optimize your website, you need tools that help you quickly find the data you need. Our new tagline highlights our commitment to building tools that work the way they should -- so you can optimize efficiently and keep moving with your other high-impact tasks.

“As marketers and entrepreneurs ourselves, we can appreciate the multitude of tasks on our customers’ plates,” said Sarah Bond, senior director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange.

“Our ongoing quest is for our software to help our customers quickly discover meaningful information without spending hours digging through data so they can focus their efforts on growing their businesses.”


Lucky Orange’s customer base is extremely diverse. Diverse in location, role, company size and industry, and personal demographic. Our new illustration set helps our team communicate with each of these audience segments while matching our updated aesthetic.

We share strategies on a lot of technical topics. With these illustrations, we’re now more able to effectively communicate -- without boring you to death.

What’s next for Lucky Orange?

Over the next several months we’ll slowly invite existing and new customers into our updated app. This early access will help us get everything nice and shiny before releasing it to the general public later in 2021. It’s an exciting time at Lucky Orange and we can’t wait to share all our updates with you.

Are you a current Lucky Orange customer and interested in trying our new app? Let us know here.

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