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Oct 5, 2021

Published by: Lucky Orange
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Lucky Orange, a conversion rate optimization software trusted by more than 300,000 websites around the world, announced today the new version of its software is generally available to all customers. The new version includes more than 70 new features to help businesses of all sizes across all industries better understand what people do on their websites so they can make improvements to grow their website conversion rates.

“The one thing everyone could use is more time in their day,” said Danny Wajcman, Lucky Orange co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. “We designed the new Lucky Orange to make it easier and faster for people to find the insights they need to improve their website conversions so they can spend more time supporting customers and growing their business.”

Lucky Orange’s software helps people who run websites view what visitors did on their websites so they can find ways to improve the experience and make it easier for people to make a purchase or request more information. Features like Session Recordings, which provides a virtual recording of where a person clicked, scrolled or tapped on a website, help website teams understand where issues may be happening or where the design or messaging may be confusing.

Lucky Orange’s product suite also includes tools like Live Chat, Announcements and Surveys that allow website operators to connect directly with people and help them while they’re on the site or gain feedback about their experience.

Lucky Orange used first-hand customer feedback and market research to shape the design and development of its new version.

New features include:

  • Timeline view within session recordings so people can find key events and activity during a person’s visit to the website

  • Filters that allow users to quickly find key events that signal visitor frustration like rage clicks (repeated clicks on the same area of a website) and shaken cursor activity

  • Triggers for live chat that allow operators to invite a visitor to chat when certain criteria have been met such as how far someone scrolled down a page, how many times they’ve visited the website or whether they’re using a mobile phone or desktop computer

  • Emoji-based chat operator ratings that allow website visitors to rate their experience

  • Additional survey formats including like/dislike and ratings surveys so website teams can get more feedback directly from visitors

“A tremendous amount of time and energy goes into creating and running a business online and no one wants their website to be bad,” said Wajcman.

“Whether you’re running a startup out of your garage or working for a Fortune 100 brand, we help you understand exactly what people are doing on your website so you can make it even better for your customers.”

Lucky Orange can be used for businesses of all types across all industries by simply placing a code snippet on their website. It’s also available through integrations on the Shopify, ShopifyPlus, and BigCommerce app marketplaces.

About Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is used by more than 450,000 websites around the world to help them understand website visitor behavior. Lucky Orange’s industry-recognized conversion rate optimization software suite helps people who run websites for Fortune 100 companies all the way down to solo entrepreneurs identify challenges standing in the way of website conversions. The Lucky Orange software suite includes website heatmaps, session replays, form analytics, surveys, announcements, live chat and conversion funnels.

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