Lucky Orange Now Available In German, French, Italian and Spanish

May 29, 2024

Published by: Maren Rapp
Lucky Orange Native Translation Product Updates

We're excited to announce that Lucky Orange is now available in German, French, Italian and Spanish. This release is part of our continued effort to make sure our app is more accessible and shareable for more people around the world.

Our team is committed to creating the best possible user experience. And we believe it's a better experience when more people can interact with Lucky Orange in the language they're most comfortable using.

Changing Lucky Orange to your preferred language should also be a simple experience, so here's how it works.

If you've changed your default browser language to one of these new languages, Lucky Orange will automatically translate the app for you. Otherwise, a drop-down selection is also available at the top of the page to easily make the switch.

Grazie, Gracias, Danke and Merci for your continued support—and happy optimizing.

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