Use new CRM Cards to study visitor behavior inside HubSpot

Jan 11, 2024

Published by: Lucky Orange
HubSpot CRM Card Example

No matter how you use HubSpot records in your day-to-day, getting access to the information you need quickly is key. 

The HubSpot record timeline is a great way to keep track of a visitor’s behavior—including key events that help your team make real-world decisions.

HubSpot Contact Timeline

But until now, the Lucky Orange integration was simply adding events to the timeline like Rage Click or Cart Viewed. Thanks to this new update, Lucky Orange information passed through out integration also goes into CRM Cards in the right-hand sidebar.

HubSpot Timeline Sidebar

The sidebar cards give you easy access to a visitor’s full sessions list, most recent pages for heatmaps, chat logs and surveys responded to—all without leaving HubSpot.

From the card, you’re able to click directly into the related Lucky Orange tool and study their behavior further. For example, see the full details of someone’s survey response, watch session recordings to see what they did on your site before completing a form and more.

Applications of this information are wide-ranging


See which content a prospect has seen (and hasn’t seen) on your site to craft personalized follow-up communications that hit key points and encourage them through the conversion funnel. With Session Recordings you can watch a complete playback of their time on site.

Customer support

Use heatmaps, session recordings and live chat to find examples of customer issues or even intervene real-time to provide the ultimate level of support. Deliver a more well-informed response with personalized troubleshooting using visual data about their experience. 


Fine-tune marketing campaigns by filtering heatmaps and session recordings to only show behavior from specific UTMs, geographic locations or a multitude of other factors. Use Lucky Orange Surveys to get in-the-moment customer feedback about products and their experience.

UX & Technical

Confidently implement design changes and ensure seamless functionality using post-launch heatmaps and session recordings. Filter by device type or browser to make sure things behave the way you built them.

To get deeper instructions on using these CRM Cards, head to the Lucky Orange Help Center.

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