How Dynamic Heatmaps can be your secret weapon

Sep 30, 2021

Published by: Lucky Orange
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You & Co is an Australia-based inbound marketing agency specializing in creating high-performing websites for HubSpot users. Most of its clientele are within the tech and Software as a Service (SaaS) industries.

This agency has built its strong reputation by hiring incredible marketers and arming its team with the best information to analyze audience behavior. Another smart move the agency made was to use Lucky Orange to help it increase website and form conversion rates to help their clients gain thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

Tired of outdated “solutions”

You and Co constantly reviews their clients’ websites for opportunities to increase performance. Analyzing this behavior has become one of the agency’s pillars of success, but they outgrew the website heatmap tools they were using to help them analyze user behavior.

The tool You & Co previously used only allowed them to generate heatmaps for select pages on the website rather than tracking user behavior across the entire website.

As a result, gathering a full picture of user behavior was often difficult. 

Another challenge the team encountered with their old heatmapping tool was that it forced them to wait for an experiment to run – sometimes as long as a month – to generate data. They wanted a real-time, dynamic heatmap solution that didn’t require them to reconfigure tracking every time the client made a change to the website.

A new website heatmap tool had to integrate seamlessly with You & Co’s research methodology and move at a fast pace similar to them.

Some of the features they were looking for include:

  • Be easy to implement

  • Integrate within HubSpot

  • Provide real-time updates

  • Generating sitewide heatmaps on-the-fly

After investigating and researching options, Lucky Orange stood out. To William Forsyth, conversion specialist at You & Co, Lucky Orange was the clear winner.

“Besides the HubSpot integration, I loved the easy setup."

"I’ve also enjoyed the session recordings, which is something I hadn’t really used before, especially because recordings attach to a HubSpot contact,” he said.

“I really appreciate being able to interact with the page when viewing heatmaps (i.e., expanding menus, etc.) as this gives us visibility to things we couldn’t get out of other solutions.”

William adds, “Being able to filter within the heatmaps is a big plus – drilling down into source/device lets us go that extra step further.”

Even though Lucky Orange stood out as the best solution, would its technology be what You & Co needed to help clients improve their websites?

Relying on Lucky Orange

From the start, it was clear that You & Co made the right decision by selecting Lucky Orange.  Time and time again, William and his team relied on Lucky Orange to help the team produce amazing results and keep clients happy.

Start new projects with Lucky Orange

When a new strategy project comes through to William and his team, he ensures Lucky Orange is set up on the client’s website.

“Those initial observations are crucial for quick wins and getting the relationship started on the right foot,” he says.

“Our initial observations usually include trying to identify what users are clicking on, and most importantly - what they’re not clicking on,” William said.

“By identifying important areas that users are missing and repositioning them near key areas we’re better able to guide the user flows. Client’s are regularly happy and impressed by this - pointing out obvious changes that have been sitting right in front of them is usually met with great thanks”

Analyzing the data to make informed decisions

Within the first few weeks, William’s team starts to see behavior patterns emerge as more people visit the client’s website. After monitoring and analyzing the data, the team has a fairly clear direction on what needs to be updated.

William points out, “We’ve had click-through rates soar to certain pages off the back of changes that were guided by Lucky Orange.”

“Sometimes you think a link or a button is in an obvious place users can see. It’s not until you see a heatmap of the page that you can see it’s not always the case. By using the tools available in Lucky Orange we’re able to identify these problem areas and apply your UI/UX skills into solving these problems,” he adds.

William’s team combines polls with heatmaps to lead them to make informed decisions on site navigation that is based on user preferences rather than designer bias.

Website navigation and usability are such a crucial part of the user experience. As this experience improves, so too can the conversion rates of the website.

Consistent insights for clients

While results, such as improving websites and increasing conversions, impress clients—Lucky Orange allowed William and his team to go beyond results.

The team found that Lucky Orange’s integration with HubSpot is a great "aha" moment for the agency's clients.

In particular, clients love the ability to see a visual representation of Dynamic Heatmaps, Session Recordings and Live Chat logs—directly within the HubSpot timeline for a specific prospect.

As William explained, “Being able to see directly how specific users went from being a visitor to a lead is always exciting. Not only that, support times can be cut down when we can see exactly what went wrong and how to replicate those steps.”

Examples of You & Co client successes

In the two years since You & Co started using Lucky Orange, William estimates Lucky Orange has helped drive more strategic customer experience insights and increase overall value to clients by a significant amount.

In particular, here are three samples of client successes William’s team has seen as a result of Lucky Orange:

Client 1: Form Analytics analysis

Form analytics help William’s team make changes to client forms that typically improve conversion rates by significant amounts. However, for this client, Lucky Orange showed that users weren’t flowing through the form in a way that was intended. 

By mapping and tracking the click flow using a heatmap, William and his team were able to identify there was some friction related to horizontal elements distracting people from converting.

If it weren’t for the use of Lucky Orange’s intuitive heatmapping features, an issue like this wouldn’t have been picked up in a timely manner - potentially costing the client valuable leads. 

Client 2: Geographic filtering with heatmaps

One of You & Co’s clients, a large SaaS company with an international customer base, had previously used an alternative solution to Lucky Orange. As You & Co experienced, the client also ran into issues with a difficult setup process and consistently outdated heatmaps.

After introducing Lucky Orange to the client, the team was able to use dynamic heatmaps and filter the data to show specific regions and sources. It provided the client with invaluable reporting insights and helped You & Co develop a successful strategy for them.

Client 3: Connecting with sales leads

You & Co were tasked with helping find new ways for the client’s sales team to connect with leads.

Through session recordings found directly from the lead’s contact page in HubSpot, the client could see exactly what the lead did while on the website. It was clear which features of their product were most appealing to a specific lead. The sales team could then take this information to develop a better pitch that anticipated the lead’s questions before they were even asked.

Just the beginning

Helping clients grow their businesses through better websites isn’t by chance. 

The skills and experience of You & Co’s team coupled with Lucky Orange technology make it possible for clients and their bottom lines to flourish.

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