experienced a 211% increase in revenue with Lucky Orange

Sep 30, 2021

Published by: Lucky Orange
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The team at was experiencing errors and other issues within their site and online checkout pages that were impacting their revenue.

By using Lucky Orange, they were able to see how their site looked from the customer’s perspective. This allowed them to catch revenue-impacting bugs in almost nearly “real-time” while providing a better user experience for their customers. 

Before using Lucky Orange

“Before using Lucky Orange, we’d 'guess' if our checkout system wasn’t working. We wouldn’t find out until 2-3 days later that something was off (if we were lucky).”  - Kevin Michael Gray, Founder

The team at was getting frustrated with checkout errors that were tricky to spot, and costing them some serious cash. 

It would sometimes take weeks to figure out what was wrong and troubleshoot until the sales started to magically pick back up again. 

They were losing tens of thousands of dollars every year, as a result of bugs in their system that were affecting the user experience. 

Before using Lucky Orange, they tried a variety of other screen tracking tools. They even tried using a WordPress plugin for a time. However, it quickly bloated their website database, since all of their data was stored there. Ironically, it ended up crashing the site. 

They needed something that could quickly help them spot errors in the checkout process, without getting in the way of the user experience. 

After using Lucky Orange used Lucky Orange to notice and quickly solve any checkout errors, display issues or negative customer experiences on their site. Whenever a visitor left their website without checking out, they were able to see the reasons why those people didn’t convert.

When visitors arrive at and start the checkout process, they enter their email address The checkout form is linked to a Slack channel accessible by the team. If a customer doesn’t complete their checkout page within 10 minutes of entering their email, a Slack notification pops up with their IP address. 

Then, the team uses the IP address to find the Lucky Orange session of the user who bounced. The team can watch how that user interacted with the website, to identify if they faced any errors during the process. 

With this insight into customer behavior, the team was able to stop errors in the e-commerce checkout flow and hold them back from making sales. 

The result? 

They experienced a 211% increase in revenue since implementing Lucky Orange. They can now avoid the critical bugs and poor user experience that previously went unnoticed and held them back. 

“Lucky Orange allowed us to see our site through the eyes of our customers, which is invaluable. We are able to elevate our products and services and ensure a smooth process for our customers, which has improved customer satisfaction immensely.” - Kevin Michael Gray, Founder

Deeper insights into customer behavior

In addition to helping spot errors in the checkout process, Lucky Orange also helped the team to get to know their customers better. 

One of the most valuable features they use for this is the IP address search function. With this feature, they can search by IP address and see every instance that a user has been on the website. This allows them to understand customer behavior and see if a particular customer returned at a later time. 

It’s even possible to identify the browser, device and IP address of the individual. This makes it possible to pinpoint the device or browser-specific errors, which helps them troubleshoot problems. 

Any time a user doesn’t complete the checkout page, they’re able to see exactly what occurred before that customer left and adjust accordingly. 


“Lucky Orange has saved our butts 100+ times to date, saving tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue per year!” - Kevin Michael Gray, Founder

Rather than being in the dark on whether or not their checkout process was functioning correctly, Lucky Orange gave more awareness and control.

They were able to easily identify the leaks in their funnel and fix them, in order to improve conversion and make more sales.

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