8 ways agencies can drive results with Lucky Orange

Sep 30, 2021

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You & Co, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, uses Lucky Orange to give it’s team the tools needed to help clients, improve websites and grow businesses.

Dynamic heatmaps and Lucky Orange’s HubSpot integration drive many of the results, but it doesn’t stop there. You & Co’s experiences show that there are other ways for agencies to drive even more results.

William Forsyth, conversion specialist  at You & Co, explained eight ways his team users Lucky Orange. His experience can help other agencies open new possibilities for clients. 

No. 1: Set it up before the initial conversations with clients

According to William, it’s important to set up Lucky Orange at the very start of your agency’s relationship with a client.

“Lucky Orange for us has become invaluable for those initial conversations with clients looking to undertake a website project,” he says. “It’s one of the first things we get setup for a client and becomes an essential part in shaping our strategies. It not only informs our decisions but also allows us to have more meaningful conversations with clients and validate our thinking and decisions.”

With the right data in place at the very beginning, an agency like yours can make data-backed recommendations that kick-start the trust necessary in any agency-client relationship.

While you can get a head start on strategy planning, your clients can gain a better understanding of what they can expect and how success will be measured/validated from your agency

No. 2. Uncover potential holes in the user flow and funnels

There’s no mystery that understanding a customer’s journey through a website or sales funnel is vital.

Because Lucky Orange lets you see customers flow through your website, agencies can help answer questions like:

  • Where did the drop off? 

  • Why did they abandon the website? 

  • What happened that convinced them to leave before they had a chance to convert?

This is where Lucky Orange can help address potential holes in the user flow or funnel. Watching a recording can show a difficult inquiry process.

“Our initial observations usually include trying to identify what users are clicking on, and most importantly - what they’re not clicking on,” William said. “By identifying important areas that users are missing and repositioning them near key areas we’re better able to guide the user flows.”

He adds:  “Client’s are regularly happy and impressed by this - pointing out obvious changes that have been sitting right in front of them is usually met with great thanks”

As a result of using Lucky Orange, William’s team could track conversion improvements and attach a dollar value to these successes to prove the ROI of their website.

No. 3: Growth-driven design (GDD) opportunities

As HubSpot explains in an article here, “GDD is dynamic, evolutionary, and implemented based on real feedback and user data.” If your agency is like You & Co and offers GDD services or is interested in it, keep Lucky Orange in mind.

As William can attest to, Lucky Orange pairs beautifully with GDD.

“Lucky Orange has become pivotal in us getting Growth Driven Design (ongoing website iteration projects) across the line with clients. It becomes one of the first points of review and we rely on it heavily to shape our monthly recommendations,” he explains.

Lucky Orange has proven to help drive GDD opportunities even if it wasn’t what the client initially wanted. For William, Lucky Orange helped offer a “more meaningful strategy component” when doing a website project and then offer a GDD retainer shortly after the website is launched.

No. 4: Save hours of reporting time

Let’s face it – agencies spend a lot of time on reporting. If you’re using a static heatmap, you’re having to run an experiment for every page that’s updated not to mention gathering the data to create a regular client report.

According to WordStream’s State of Digital Marketing Agency report, 84% of agencies spend as much as five hours per client per week on reporting. HubSpot’s 2018 Marketing Agency Growth Report also found that a lack of free time was an issue for nearly half of all respondents.

Translation: Agencies either need to discover a way to minimize the time spent on reporting and data collection or make 27-hour days possible. 

Lucky Orange helped William’s team save at last an hour per report per client per month, adding up to more than 180 hours saved each year, simply by allowing for full-site analytics in real time.

No. 5: Integrate with HubSpot

Did you know that Lucky Orange seamlessly integrates within HubSpot?

There’s no extra fee to use it;. all you need is a HubSpot account and a Lucky Orange plan.

While your agency can still control how the data is analyzed, clients gain access to session recordings, heatmaps and chat logs directly from each contact’s timeline. It’s become a favorite of agencies and clients alike.

For You & Co, clients especially have enjoyed the ability to see recordings directly from a contact’s timeline. 

Helpful tip: If you’re looking for a reporting and analytics software option and wanting an integration with HubSpot, make sure you find what data is available through HubSpot and what is not. There are several analytics integrations that pass minimal data into a contact’s timeline, making it not as practical or helpful as other options.

No. 6: Building your reputation

Clients chose your agency because they trust your team to provide them with results. According to AdWeek, however, just 9% of survey respondents rate their client-agency trust level as above-average.

Not only do you want clients to trust your agency to provide results - you also want them to look to your agency as experts within their field. They have questions, and you can provide the answers.

Just like your agency, William’s team wanted to help maintain You & Co’s reputation and industry-leading expertise. Lucky Orange was up to the challenge.

“Lucky Orange arms us with rich insights and data to help us build credibility and provide solid insights to inform direction early on,” he said.

William explained, “One of our international SaaS companies came to us for our trusted and always available insights being informed by the Lucky Orange tools. They know they can rely on my team and I to have the answers their looking for at our fingertips and presented in a way they can easily see and understand”

No. 7: Dive deeper into the data with clients

More data isn’t necessarily better data, but Lucky Orange provides more than just metrics. 

Instead, Lucky Orange provides features – dynamic heatmaps, recordings, form analytics, polls and more – to go beyond metrics and look at customers themselves.

As a result, clients can understand the why and how behind the results and see what impacts their bottom lines.

It also helps add value to your agency’s results which can even potentially provide the framework to increase prices.

William explained how a deeper insight into data has helped clients and You & Co:

“Lucky Orange has helped You & Co indirectly grow by providing us with deeper insights, meaning for both our strategies and reporting, we are able to provide information we couldn’t before. This makes them more valuable and therefore we are able to charge a higher amount.”

By using Lucky Orange features, William and his team have been able to identify problem areas and apply UI/UX skills to solve these problems.

“Sometimes you think a link or a button is in an obvious place users can see. It’s not until you see a heatmap of the page that you can see it’s not always the case,” William said. 

No. 8: Hyper-target email campaigns

One way to consider using Lucky Orange is to use session recordings on an individual level.

By analyzing specific behavior, such as people who visited a specific product page, your agency and clients could create lists based off this activity.

For one client, William’s team was able to do just that.

The list, based on behavior, was then used by the client for a targeted email or nurture campaign based on those specific actions.

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You & Co isn’t an isolated case – your agency too can benefit from enhancing your analytics and reporting capabilities with Lucky Orange.

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