121eCommerce Uses Lucky Orange To Find Website Opportunities in 24 Hours

Mar 15, 2024

Published by: Cole Godsey
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Since its founding in 2014, 121eCommerce has helped over 350+ clients launch their ecommerce sites, migrate to a different ecommerce platform, and most-importantly, drive more conversions (and sales) online. Our continued success is due in part to the relationships we build with our clients. 

We know that an ecommerce site is an investment of time, resources, and capital, and we always strive to ensure that our clients see a positive ROI in each category. 

On top of taking the time to understand the businesses we’re working with, and providing invaluable resources within our team, we’ve built solid partnerships with organizations that can help us drive value. Since we started working with Lucky Orange, we’ve used their tools (and partnership!) to help our clients be more successful online. 

Lucky Orange is a massive asset to our team, as well as our clients, and we have started to use the platform more regularly on our projects. 

How does 121eCommerce use Lucky Orange? 

Our entire process starts by having a conversation with our client to create a better understanding of their current pain points, future goals and unique business needs. 

Once we have a good grasp of these, we do a complete site evaluation. For starters, we install Lucky Orange, and let it process data and information for a few weeks. In the meantime, we complete a comprehensive code audit, review their traffic in Google Analytics, complete an SEO audit and do an overall site health audit. This way, we can have a complete picture of what their site needs to boost their performance. 

After our auditing has been completed, we present the results to our client, and work with them on an action plan to optimize their site. 

Once their site is live, we use Lucky Orange to continue to audit their overall performance, and to make more CRO enhancement suggestions. 

How are ecommerce site enhancements made using Lucky Orange? 

Lucky Orange is an invaluable tool that we use not only on our clients’ websites, but on our own as well. 

Specifically, our team uses heatmaps, user flows, top pages and events to optimize our clients’ websites, and our own. To dive deeper into each, we’ll start with heatmaps. 

Recently, one of 121’s clients was experiencing issues with her checkout process, and noticing a dip in sales. By using Lucky Orange Heatmaps, along with user flows, we were able to determine that users were adding products to the cart, going back to a category page, adding similar products to the cart and repeating this process a few times. On top of that, we noticed that users were dropping off when prompted to create an account to checkout.  

Since this was leading to a huge drop off in conversions, our team opted to make the changes immediately to their checkout process, and have continued to optimize and review this regularly. 

Another instance of Lucky Orange helping one of our clients, was when we noticed one of the Top Pages was a search results page. After looking into it further, the search page was yielding a “no results found” response when products were no longer available. Users dropped off the site almost immediately.

To work through this, we set up a redirect to go to a similar product, and the impact was felt immediately by users staying on the site longer, and going through with purchases of the similar part.  

Lastly, we utilize Lucky Orange’s Events Manager to better-gauge how elements are interacted with on our clients’ sites, and offer UI/UX enhancements based on this information. 

How do I integrate Lucky Orange into my ecommerce site?

It may sound simple, or even obvious, but 121’s recommendation for adding Lucky Orange to your workflow is to simply, “just do it.” 

The setup of the platform is simple, and it’s intuitive to use. One of the misconceptions that is important for us to highlight, is that, “I need to let this run for 60-90 days to be able to really understand what enhancements I need to make.” In reality while more data is certainly better, you should be able to have a good idea on where enhancements can be made in roughly 24-48 hours.

For the examples we mentioned above, our team was able to make them in about that time frame. If your site has a higher amount of traffic, you’ll be able to get more data, faster. 

When it comes to the analyzing of your data, you can always do it yourself. If you’re looking to get a second opinion, Lucky Orange has a certified talent network on Fiverr, or you could always work with an agency (like 121eCommerce) to help you review your website. These teams can also help with the setup and implementation as well if you’re looking for more assistance there too. 

No matter what you choose, Lucky Orange is an absolute must for your business for growth!      

Check out 121eCommerce's Daniel Gross on a recent episode of The Lucky Orange Show:

More about 121eCommerce

While 121eCommerce started with full ecommerce builds for Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify, our agency has shifted to focusing more heavily on the overall services we provide our clients. Typically, when clients come to us for assistance, they need some sort of support with their web project, and are not seeing value from the partner they are currently working with. 

That is where 121 truly differs from other agencies. 

Like we mentioned earlier, Instead of “just getting the site launched,” we work on truly understanding our clients’ unique business needs, and the goals they have. We want to be able to help them by not only providing a reliable ecommerce solution, but providing them with opportunities to grow as well. We want to be able to help them boost their conversion rates, increase sales, and boost their online presence overall. 

Our team is truly hands-on, and wants to involve our clients in the projects we are assisting them with as much as possible. And, they’re readily available too! Recently, one of our clients noted that, “most vendors over promise and under deliver. That has not been my experience working with you. Frequently we’re able to get stuff sorted out even quicker than you quoted!” 

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