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With Lucky Orange Session Recordings you can see a playback of what people clicked on and which pages they visited.

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Powerful features to track what people did on your website

Session Recordings

See a playback of where visitors clicked and scrolled. Watch them navigate through your website.

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Dynamic Heatmaps

Discover which elements of your site are most popular. Our heatmaps work on overlays and popups, too.

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Visitor Profiles

See everything someone has done on your website including sessions, pages, live chats and basic metadata.

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Conversion Funnels

Quickly see which pages are converting and which are causing visitors to abandon your site.

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Form Analytics

Uncover insights like the order people complete fields, which parts cause them to hesitate or abandon, and more.

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Better understand your visitors by asking them what brought them to your site or how they heard about you.

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Your Visitor Intelligence Trio: Recordings + Heatmaps + Surveys

See What Visitors Did

Session Recordings show you where visitors tapped, clicked or scrolled. Watch recordings to understand what people did while they were on your website.

Discover Their Likes

Heatmaps show you the parts of your site people click or tap the most. See the navigation elements and CTAs that are most popular with your visitors.

Ask For Feedback

See something puzzling? Use Lucky Orange's built-in survey tool to ask questions like why they came to your site, what they're shopping for or what's keeping them from buying.

All Features, One Price

Session Recordings, Heatmaps and Surveys are included in every Lucky Orange plan. You also get our Announcements, Live Chat, Funnels and Dashboard with every plan.

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All of our powerful features included in every plan

Get every feature on every plan - even on our free plan. With Lucky Orange, you won't pay for more sessions than you need to unlock powerful features.

Every feature, every plan:

  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Session Recordings
  • Surveys
  • Live Chat
  • Dashboard Insights
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form Analytics
  • Visitor Profiles
  • Announcements

Also included:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Tracking on one website
  • Customizable branding for surveys, chat, etc.
  • No-code and API options for custom event tracking
  • Integrations with Zapier, Shopify, HubSpot and more
  • Daily and/or weekly Email Reports

Customize your plan:

  • Extended storage options
  • Additional websites

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