Now I see why they didn't convert!

Keep reading to learn about the puzzling visitor behavior questions Lucky Orange can help you answer.

What other questions can Lucky Orange help me answer?

Help me understand campaign performance

  • Segmenting visitors by their traffic source or UTM parameters allows you to see what people from different acquisition efforts do along their customer journey.

  • You can also use traffic source, UTM parameters, location and more to trigger surveys and live chat so you can connect with customers in real time to gather new insights.

Show me visitors who struggled

  • We automatically track visitors who repeated form fields on your website and show those sessions to you in the Confused Visitor optimizable segment.

  • We also track visitors who exhibit signs of frustration including rage clicks, super rage clicks and shaky mouse movements and group those sessions into the Frustrated Visitors optimizable segment.

Show me visitors who converted

  • If you use Shopify, you can segment session recordings to see only the visitors who completed checkout.

  • Through our integration with Google Analytics, you can pass Google Analytics events into Lucky Orange and segment by those events, too.

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Hear from a few of our customers about how they're using Lucky Orange

Will Laurenson, CEO & Lead CRO Consultant at Customers Who Click:

"Lucky Orange plays an essential role in the CRO programs we run. Heatmaps & Session Recordings allow us to really explore how visitors are interacting with a clients website and where they might be facing problems."

The National Society of Leadership and Success:

"Lucky Orange provides a wide breadth of data and insights to understand how customers are interacting with our website. The heatmaps are great and easy to comprehend. They also have many other tools that were a welcome value add! Super easy set up and customer service has been great."

Gabriel Marguglio, CEO of Nextiny:

"Lucky Orange allows us to create more value for our customers by helping us grow their conversion rate and user experience over time. Their tool is very easy to use and integrates with HubSpot beautifully."

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