See what's stopping people from converting

Watch a visitor navigate your site using Lucky Orange Session Recordings.

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Powerful segmentation

Filter Session Recordings by visitor data segments that matter to you:

  • High cart value or abandoned cart

  • Traffic from a certain source or UTM parameter

  • Customer or Member ID

  • Rage clicks or survey completed

Watch real visitors navigate your site.

Inside the tool:
Session Recordings

Events timeline

Track interaction with any element on your site—no developer needed

Study Visitor Profiles

Go to a Visitor Profile to view other recordings or contact information for that person

Follow beyond login

See how people behave before and after logging into a portal or account dashboard

Adjust play speed

Get to the point with faster playback or slow down to give yourself time for note taking

Skip idle time

Be more efficient by skipping time that doesn't contain any visitor movement

No page speed impact

Lucky Orange tools don't slow your site down, no matter which website platform you use

See the whole picture

Using Lucky Orange tools together helps you connect the dots across the user experience.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Spot high-level behavior trends in Dynamic Heatmaps like click location or scroll depth issues

Learn more about heatmaps

Conversion Funnels

See which step has the most dropoff in your funnel and then view Heatmaps to see what's happening

Learn more about funnels

Form Analytics

Look deeper at metrics like field order, field time and which field causes the most abandonment

Learn more about form analytics