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Recording timeline

Session Recordings are even more insightful thanks to our new event-based timeline. Quickly jump between key moments in the visitor's journey.

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Event tracking

Like behavior tags but easier to set up, events in Lucky Orange allow you to track interactions with elements on your site - without needing a developer.

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Provide a discount code or product update to all visitors or trigger announcements by behavior. Choose between different display styles.

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Visitor profiles

See everything someone has done on your website including past sessions, chat interactions and custom user data. Leave notes for future reference.

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Live chat

Live chat gets even better with a new design, more automatic triggers and emoji-based ratings so visitors can provide feedback on their chat sessions.



Gain insights directly from your site visitors by deploying a survey. We've added new survey types including like/dislike surveys and ratings surveys.

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Custom dashboards

The Lucky Orange dashboard got a big facelift and new customizable features that allow you to surface up the information that matters the most to you.

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Saved segments

Filter recordings and visitors by criteria like UTM source, device type or visit number. Save the results as a segment so you can quickly find these visitors.

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See something interesting in a recording? The new Lucky Orange allows you to leave notes with your findings on recordings and visitors.

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