A heatmap as dynamic as your website

See which parts of a page drive conversions and which get in people's way with Lucky Orange Dynamic Heatmaps.

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Optimization made easy—no matter your business type

Lead generation

Adjust form fields and optimize CTA location to increase conversions


Present the "aha!" moment your clients crave by showing actual visitor behavior


Make store updates based on the behavior you see on product page heatmaps


Provide evidence for which lines of the business belong in your main navigation

See a heatmap of your website in a matter of minutes

Heatmap software that gets the job done

No Sampling

We track every visit, not just a sample—giving you a true picture of what's happening

Effective fold

See how far down the page 50% of your traffic is scrolling to optimize content layout

Shareable screenshots

Share heatmap data with your teammates using our easy download button


Compare user behavior across date ranges, traffic sources or other custom variables

Visual customization

Change the look and opacity of your heatmap tool based on analysis or presentation needs


Works on a web page with authentication, single-page apps and sites with cross-domain rules

See the whole picture

Combine heatmap analytics with our other tools

Session Recordings

Go deeper on website heatmap data by watching individual session recordings

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Conversion Funnels

See which step in your conversion process has the most drop-off

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Form Analytics

Study field order, field time and which field causes the most abandonment

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