In G2’s 2022 Fall reports, Lucky Orange was awarded 14 badges and was named a leader in five categories recognizing heatmaps, sessions, digital analytics and product analytics. 

 Notably, Lucky Orange was identified as having the best ROI in G2’s Session Replay report for a second consecutive time. G2 users saw a return on their investment in an average of 3.8 months compared to the industry average of 11.29 months.

In the Small-Business Results Index for Heatmap Tools this quarter, Lucky Orange also received the badge “users most likely to recommend.” This distinction highlights that small businesses are more likely to recommend Lucky Orange over other heatmap tools

“Being acknowledged as a leader in heatmaps, sessions and digital analytics by such a recognizable technology marketplace is highly motivating,” said Sarah Bond, Vice President of Marketing at Lucky Orange. “Feedback from real customers is invaluable and shows us we are moving in a positive direction.”

G2 is the world's largest tech marketplace specializing in peer-to-peer reviews for business software. G2 releases quarterly reports based on vetted reviews from users, ranking the 100,000+ software and products on their site. Reports recognize customer satisfaction, market presence, usability, implementation and more. They provide a high-level overview across various industries, ranking customer experience.

Our Fall 2022 G2 badges:

Leader in:

Grid® for Digital Analytics Software

Grid® for Session Replay Software

Small-Business Grid® for Heatmap Tools

Grid® for Heatmap Tools

Small-Business Grid® for Digital Analytics Software

Fastest Implementation

Session Replay Implementation Index

Product Analytics Implementation Index

High Performer

Mid-Market Grid® for Heatmap Tools

Best Estimated ROI

Session Replay Results Index

Easiest Admin

Heatmap Tools Usability Index: Small-Business

Best Meets Requirements

Heatmap Tools Usability Index: Small-Business

Users Most Likely to Recommend

Heatmap Tools Results Index: Small-Business

Easiest Set up

Product Analytics Implementation Index

Easiest to Use

Product Analytics Usability Index: Small-Business

How scoring works

Each report uses different factors to determine where companies rank across various metrics

G2 Grid®  reports are determined by the software’s implementation, results and usability data and also account for ROI and user adoption scores. To be included in the Grid®  report, vendors must have over six products with over 10 reviews for each, have over 150 reviews on G2 and be recognized as a “key player” in the industry it represents. 

Implementation scoring accounts for customer satisfaction, amount of time it takes for products to go live, user adoption percentage, implementation method and the number of reviews received on G2.

Usability Scoring is based upon customer satisfaction with the ease of use, customer responses to the “meet requirements” prompt on G2, user adoption percentage and number of reviews on G2. 

G2 uses reviews written by verified users to determine their rankings. Here is what some of Lucky Orange’s customers have said on G2: 

"User-Friendly, Clean, and Customizable."

"I love how intuitive the dashboard is. I was able to figure out how to create and test all the different features my first time in it. The design is very clean and minimal so it is not overwhelming, but you surprisingly still have more granular customization options than other platforms I've used."

"The best app for analyzing customer behavior on your website."

"It gives great insights into customer behavior. One can trigger communication based on the behavior. Moreover, the UI/UX is very clean and easy to use."

"Such a useful App."

"I love the fact that I can watch how visitors are reacting to my website in real-time and this gives me the insight I need to make changes where necessary."

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