Is Your Website Set Up for Black Friday 2023?

Here's How to Cash In During the Buying Frenzy.
U.S. buyers spent $9.2 billion online on Black Friday last year, up 2.3% from the previous year.
With Lucky Orange, you’ll quickly get your website ready for the massive demand that only comes around once a year.

Get ready for a sales surge
9 pro conversion tools in ONE platform

Right now 65% of shoppers are filling their wishlists and shortlisting holiday gifts for the biggest buying event of the year!

Customer POV recordings

Find the website elements that make visitors frustrated and confused.

Track every click

Use dynamic heatmaps to see if your promos really resonate with visitors.

Survey web visitors

Ask shoppers what's keeping them from purchasing, fix it fast, and raise conversions.

Responsive live chat

Answer direct questions and close the sale. Shipping and return policies are a big one.

Smart buyer funnels

See the journey your customer takes on your website, and find exactly where they drop off.

Forms that get filled

Track form abandonment, field order, and time-to-start to find conversion opportunities.

Automatic visitor profiles

Log all actions from new or returning visitors — and craft real-world buyer personas.

Send targeted offers

Target key visitors with irresistible Black Friday & Cyber Monday promos.

Unlimited visual insights

Build dashboards to pinpoint BFCM traffic, sources, geographies and more.

Almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts

That's why Lucky Orange let's you ...

  • Discover the exact reason customers don’t complete purchases

  • Get live data to optimize your checkout and funnel

  • Plug any conversion gaps and generate more sales

Best of all, you can do this inside ONE platform

Get set up in 3 easy steps


Connect your favorite tools like Shopify, BigCommerce, HubSpot and Google Analytics directly with Lucky Orange.


All the data you need to back up decisions—in a visual format for solo entrepreneurs, large corporations, and agencies.


Improve your products and services based on real customer needs—and keep people coming back for upsells, cross-sells and repeat business.

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Get to know your key customers


  • See what prevents key traffic segments from converting

  • Compare behavior across paid and organic traffic

  • Evaluate on-page content performance

User Experience

  • Keep a consistent experience across devices

  • Validate your hypotheses with real user evidence

  • Flag issues and provide examples for follow-up

Customer Support

  • Engage with customers before they leave your website

  • See which actions lead to support requests

  • Watch live web visitors and offer real-time help

Data privacy
and safety built in

We've made sure our tools are fully CCPA and GDPR compliant.

You'll get all the data you need to analyze visitor behavior without the risk of sending or storing sensitive information.

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